How to Know When it’s the Right Time to Invest in Branding

As personal brands, we all want a brand that speaks to us, and attracts our ideal clients. Something that “feels like us.” Something that we can say, “This resembles me and what I do.”

What Is Branding

Ask any designer and each one of them will probably give you a little bit of a different answer of what branding actually is. Is it a logo, is it your fonts and your colors? In the simplest form, branding is how others perceive you and your business. My belief is that for personal brands branding is more or less developed with you as your business grows. Now, taking into consideration that one of the main attributes of a great logo is that it should be “timeless” doesn’t this kind of contradict what I just said? 

Yes, and no. This is where personal brands and corporate brands differ. Corporate brands generally go into business knowing exactly who they’ll serve (and how they serve them.) Personal brands need to evolve.. 

I’m not saying personal brands don’t always know who they serve and how they serve them, just that most of the time freelancers, online service providers, coaches etc generally pivot as they grow. As you gain more authority as a personal brand, the way people perceive you changes, thus your brand evolves.

Personal Brands Need to Evolve

When you are just starting out as a business owner, you are more than likely going to pivot at least once or twice in your early years. Especially if you aren’t certain on which services you’ll offer and who you’ll serve. You’ll change your services, decide that the perfect client avatar you created in that paid workshop isn’t as “perfect” as you thought. Especially now that you’ve had the chance to actually work with her. 

You’ll find that tasks that sounded fun, are actually not so fun, and ones that sounded intimidating feel quite accomplished now that you have some experience with them. Platforms will change. Sometimes you’ll just need to adapt.

Even if you have skills from your corporate world, transitioning to serving other online business owners can leave you a little uncertain of your brand in the very early stages.

Waiting To Invest In Branding

There’s nothing wrong with waiting to invest in professional branding until after your first year or so in business. It’s okay to download a logo in Canva and use a color palette that resonates with your personality. It’s better to keep it simple.

Are You Ready To Invest In Branding For Your Business

You’re ready to take your business to the next level and invest in professional branding when you can:

1. Define the values and beliefs of your brand

2. Understand Your Ideal Client and their pain points

3. Identify your strengths

4. Explain how you serve your clients

5. Explain the transformations you provide your clients

Once you are sound on these, and you’re making consistent money in your business, you should definitely invest in branding.


When you have solid branding in place that has been created through research and strategy (not just because you like the color pink) – it’s easier to establish authority, grow your audience, and land higher paying clients. However, if you invest in this before you are ready it could result in spending money unnecessarily because chances are you’ll need to “rebrand” after you change your ideal client and or services.