5 Qualities of a Great Logo (for Personal Brands)

When you think of a great logo, what do you think of? Many small business owners want their logo to be extraordinary. After all, it resembles their business! While your logo does resemble your business, and it should be amazing, here are a few things to keep in mind.


In today’s day and age, people are consuming massive amounts of content every minute, whether they are watching TV, scrolling social media, or even out and about. 

They are not going to spend more than a few seconds trying  to understand what your logo says or means. Thus, a logotype’s legibility is arguably the most critical factor to consider. How easy is it to read?

Consider the font you are using. Your font should be simple in design.

This does not mean you should opt to use Arial for every logo. It simply means you should not jump for the craziest font you can find. There are such subtle nuances between fonts in typefaces that just being able to completely understand one would be enough to elevate your logo design.

Distinctive / Memorable

Following legibleness, your logo should be distinctive; if you can achieve this, it will be memorable. Distinctiveness is trying to capture the business’s personality in the logo while trying to send a message to the consumer. This could be considered a ying-yang situation because one will need the other for them both to work effectively. 

Making a logo distinctive is not that difficult if you take the time to think about it (and do your research.) Using the right fonts and specific tools to help you adjust it will help you reach your goal.

By understanding the business or brand, you can portray that simply by using fonts. That is how you can make it distinctive and memorable.

Effective In One Color

Color is often overused in logo design.

This is not to say that your logo needs to only have one color in order to be a great design. It simply means that it could stand alone in one color if need be.

You should never add color to a design first. This is one of the last aspects that play a role in good graphic design. You can be mindful of the color or colors you wish to use, but the physical design should be attended to first, and it, in essence, should be impactful enough that the color is the cherry on top if need be. 

Take into consideration the option of using shades of color rather than turning up the contrast or saturation. Always consider the brand and who its target market is. Remember, subtlety can go a long way.

Always be mindful and remember quite often “less is more.” 


While making your logo, one thing to always keep in mind is to try and make it timeless. This means the design won’t go out of style (trendy) but stay evergreen as your business grows. 

Consider the factors and elements we previously discussed and maximize your efforts in utilizing them. 

If you opt to keep things simple, neat, and elegant (professional) your end result will be a timeless logo.  It won’t be flashy or over the top.


Relevance is another factor that will tie into making a great logo.

Being relevant does not mean you must cater to a specific consumer or focus on what the hot topic is for the day. Yes, you are designing a logo for a company that most likely has a target market; however, relevance in design comes from understanding the overall goal of what the brand is trying to achieve. 

Relevance is evergreen because even though the target audience may change, the subjective feeling that the logotype must give off will always be relevant to the brand and its product.


Remember that you should effectively keep things simple and clean to get the most out of your logo. To summarize, think of your brand in terms of its personality, what it is offering, and your audience.